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Q1. Where do I pay for the course that I select? Is it at the College or through the bank?

You can pay directly to the college account or through the M-Pesa.Once we receive your payment for a certain course (s) you can start Immediately.

Q2. When are the courses accessible?

They are accessible everyday on continuous basis. We try as much as possible to ensure our services are uninterrupted. Further more, the maximum is 1-2 students at any one time

Q3. If I am unable to produce a certain product after many months since training can I make a phone call or request for clarification through an interactive platform?

Absolutely yes, our system is highly interactive. You can chat with our tutors, and ask your question through the phone.

Q4. Can I get printed course material from the tutors?

Of course yes, it must be for personal use, all contents in our course notes are corporate and you cannot use it for commercial purpose as if they were of your own without our permission.

Q5. How many courses can I subscribe /order at any given time?

You can order as many as you want. We allow you read at your own pace.

Q6 .Which are payment options available .can I pay with cheque, electronic money transfer, M-pesa or direct bank deposit.

Absolutely. Contact us for further details.

Q8. Do you issue certificates upon course completion?

Yes. College certificate of attendance is issued for short courses to all successful participants. The International Diploma in Patisserie examined by City and Guilds of London Institute is an external qualification taught at this college

Q9. Can I use my training time with someone else?

You are not allowed to share your training time with someone else. Our Instructors ensure that no unauthorized person attends your class

class schedule

Weekday Classes:
08.00 am - 11.00 a.m
11.00 a.m - 0 2.00 p.m
02.00 p.m - 05.00 p.m
05.30 p.m - 08.30 p.m

Saturday Classes:
08.00 a.m - 11.00 a.m
11.00 a.m - 02.00 p.m
02.00 p.m - 05.00 p.m

6 Hrs Classes available

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